Club President 1989 – 90


We added twenty new members, raised some money, sponsored a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar, accomplished our other goals and experienced a lot of fellowship. We continued old programs with renewed vigor while adding a few new ones to our bag of tricks. It was a good year for the Rotary Club of San Marino. 

Club Services

San Marino Rotary received a First Place award for Club Service during the 1989-1990 Rotary year. The faithful Rotarians all contributed to a fantastic year of good weekly programs, excellent meals (though we did so through several caterers) and a balanced budget. An enhanced program to assimilate new members contributed to  the overall success in Club Service.

Twenty new members joined rotary during the year, the cooperation of current members kept resignations and deaths at a low level, allowing a net gain of fourteen members. San Marino Rotary received a First Place award for Membership Development during the 1989-1990 Rotary Year.

Vocational Service

San Marino Rotary received Third Place award for Vocational Service during the 1989-1 990 Rotary year. After many years of our leadership in this avenue of service the other clubs within District 530 began copying and improving on our annual Career Connection program.

Well we only won third place, but what a compliment all those other clubs paid us. We did forge new ground with a program to recognize some outstanding teachers in thecommunity. This program cost little in dollars, but did wonders for the hard working dedicated teachers in the community. They all seemed so proud and deserving when we took the time to stop and say thanks.

Community Service

Other Rotary Clubs within District 530 must have experienced fantastic years in community Service. San Marino Rotary failed to win recognition in this area, but not for a lack of effort. 

We continued our tradition of support for San Marino Schools by sponsoring an Interact Club, awarding Student of the Month Awards, providing manpower for Grad night, contributing to the Schools Foundation, sponsoring the 4 Way Speech Contest and sending several students to RYLA. We laid the groundwork for starting a mini-grant program in the next Rotary year.

We continued our support for youth organizations like Scouting, Little League and the YMCA.

A new program for the year called “Eighties Day” brought dozens of senior citizens to a weekly meeting. They were all in their eighties and we just wanted to let them know we appreciate their past contributions. Several members had trouble finding anyone in the community in their eighties who was not already a member of Rotary.

We tried a unique raffle for the L.A.Men’s Place, members of Rotary bought their raffle tickets with towels, socks and underwear. The project proved successful on several fronts.

Our Football Pool proved to be a very popular form of gambling on the favored Collegiate teams. Many Rotarians experienced the joy of hearing about the athletic prowess of Cal Tech, Colorado and Delaware while the Bruins and

Trojans maintained a low profile. The big winner for the pooled money turned out to be the Rotary Foundation and San Marino Schools Foundation.

International Service

San Marino Rotary hosted members of our sister club The Rotary Club of San Marino, San Marino, who were in town to participate in the annual Tournament of Roses Parade. They treated the club members to a demonstration of their crossbow prowess.

Rotary Foundation

San Marino Rotary received a First Place award for Rotary Foundation during the 1989-1990 Rotary year. The commitment and participation of San Marino Rotary to the Rotary Foundation is traditional and long standing. That tradition continued with strong financial support and commitment to sponsoring Ambassadorial Scholars.

During the Rotary year our Club sponsored Jodi Mount who successfully received a scholarship for the 1990-1991 Rotary year. We were fortunate to have Jonathan Scott, our candidate for last year, spend a year in Australia on a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship. Displaying unmatched continuity, Rich Seifert returned to report on his year as Ambassadorial Scholar in Belgium.

We also pioneered our first Estate Planning Seminar for members and others. Our little Rotary Club awarded 31 Paul Harris Fellowships and contributed more than $35,000 to the Foundation.

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