Speaking Topics

Putting the WOW into Rotary

It is all about customer service. Knowing who the customers of your Rotary Club are, identifying why they joined Rotary and what Rotary leaders can do to provide excellent customer service.

Eight Leadership Strategies

Steve has identified eight strategies of leadership that can be applied to  role as a leader of your family, business and community activities. These are universal leadership skills and the basis of Steve Garrett’ book of the same title.

Your Role as a member of The Board of Directors

Thirty Minutes Introduction

The idea of serving on the board of directors is either frightening to many members or nonchalant. This program is designed to introduce the reality of what it really means to take on the responsibilities of serving on the board of a Rotary Club or any other organization. It is meant to provide a balance of information, inspiration and intentional discomfort for those who take a nonchalant attitude toward serving on the board of directors.

Three Hour Workshop

Modeled on the very successful Board of Directors Training Seminar (BODTS) Steve introduced to District 5300 in 2006. Steve can do it all or help you develop others to present a valuable program that deals with these topics: Roles and Responsibilities of board member, using Robert’s Rules of Order, understanding the defining documents and what it means to be a Fiduciary.